Mensen maken west

Giulia Verona

My name is Giulia Verona, I am Italian and I live and work in Amterdam since 2009.

During these 11 years I lived all around the city, but Amsterdam West is where I always felt at home. 5years ago I decided to buy an apartment in the Kinkerbuurt and since then I am officially a proud west Amsterdammer.

I find this initiative very beautiful and I want to participate to bring some happiness and hope to people like me, who have been scared of Covid19 and have difficulties to resume the life as we once had.
Erasmuspark for me is a place of many fond memories with friends, family and also of time by myself.
The drawing is a representation of many memories of mine, which I believe can be common to many of the lucky people who are going to Erasmus Park.

In the sun or in the rain, I always felt some kind of ‘gezelligheid’ in this park, so big, yet design to make you feel safe also when you are alone. I want to share this memories with my neighbors and remind them that ‘gezelligheid kent geen tijd’ and it is still possible to be happy and be together safely also during difficult times as we are in right now.

Thank you for your attention and time,

Giulia Verona


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